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Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families by providing insightful, caring and individualized financial guidance. America's Retirement Store ® was founded by Presidential Brokerage, Inc., and created specifically to help Main Street America gain access to a higher level of education, services and individual attention.

Our roots are Main Street - not Wall Street! America's Retirement Store ®: Helping America Retire. Helping You Retire ... Better!

Surveys consistently show that investors have a great deal of anxiety about social security, health care costs, caring for an aging parent, maintaining their lifestyle into retirement, inflation, and other issues that are wholly or partially outside of their direct control. Unfortunately, the typical response for many people is to avoid thinking about these issues by putting off formalizing a game plan.
On the positive side, the data suggests that calculating these numbers can significantly influence motivation. Of those who performed a retirement savings calculation, nearly half changed their planning and nearly 2/3rds started saving more.
Blueprint™ looks at your life, resources, and sources of income to produce an picture of what you can expect your retirement picture to look like. A simple one hour meeting to get to know you will allow us to see if we can be helpful as you enter into the most important time of your life. The agenda will focus on you and what you feel is important.(click here to learn more)

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Understanding Beneficiary Designations

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