Advanced IRA Planning workshop on March 24th

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Your 401(k) and IRAs are your most critical retirement tools. What are you doing to keep them healthy and working hard?


Very few people understand how these tax-advantaged programs work or what they are. Even fewer have a simple, practical way to help manage them.


Everyone knows that people are living longer today. What no one talks much about is making your money last as long as you do. A 65-year-old couple today has about a 50/50 chance of at least one living to age 90 or beyond.


Come to our information-packed workshop where you can learn about keeping your money working hard over time. You’ll learn how these programs work, common (and sometimes disastrous) pitfalls, tax implications, how to avoid huge penalties for not taking required minimum distributions correctly, and ways to fully participate in and make investment decisions in your company’s 401(k) plan.


What you will learn at this workshop:


  • Strategies to save taxes & and get more out of your IRA & 401(k)
  • How a Roth IRA might reduce taxes on Social Security
  • How to manage your 401(k) during market volatility
  • How to ensure retirement accounts pass to the right beneficiaries with tax efficiency
  • Why a Roth conversion might be one of the biggest tax breaks you’ll ever get
  • The healthcare surtax – how a Roth can help
  • Keep your retirement accounts from being an IOU to the IRS

It’s free. It’s important. And it is coming right up.


Call 303-694-1600 or register online. We look forward to seeing you!