America’s Retirement Store is conducting two special, free workshops: Social Security and You and  Health, Medicare, and Healthcare Costs in Retirement. Do you know when the right time to file Social Security is for your financial situation? Interested in maximizing your Social Security benefits? We can show you how and when to sign up for Medicare, the importance of doing it right, along with other critical topics such as the best ways to control your healthcare costs.


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Social Security and You


9:00 am


Health, Medicare and Healthcare Costs in Retirement


August 29th, 1:15 pm


Worries for those nearing retirement:


bullet point starHealth issues and medical costs in retirement

bullet point starLong term care needs

bullet point starBecoming a burden to your family

bullet point starHealthcare costs consuming your legacy

bullet point starThe ins-and-outs of Medicare


Amazing Aging Expo


Denver Mariott Tech Center
4900 Syracuse Street
Denver, CO 80237