Social Security is a pillar of any solid retirement plan. However, optimizing Social Security benefits can be a complex process that requires an understanding of the best Social Security decisions for an individual situation, clear retirement goals, sustainable income streams, tax implications and other factors must be considered. Attend our free workshop and gain a better understanding of what your needs are and what part Social Security plays in your retirement plan.


Long term healthcare needs are also an important part of a sound retirement plan. The ins-and-outs of Medicare, planning for healthcare costs into retirement and coordinating Social Security benefits with health care coverage are areas that demand attention for those serious about retirement planning.

Important questions to answer when making Social Security a part of your retirement plan:


bullet point starThree ways to raise your Social Security benefit

bullet point starHow COLAs affect your Social Security benefit

bullet point starDelayed credits increase your benefit by 8%

bullet point starSocial Security planning for couples

bullet point starLife expectancy and Social Security


Worries for those nearing retirement:


bullet point starUnderstanding what Medicare covers and doesn’t cover

bullet point starDo you need to sign up for Medicare at 65 if you are still working

bullet point starWhy build healthcare costs into your retirement

bullet point starLongevity impacts how much is needed for healthcare

bullet point star… and so much more!


Seminar location:


Douglas H. Buck Community Center
2004. W Powers Avenue
Littleton, CO 80120