Change is in the air.

The world is changing. The economy is changing. Demographics are changing. We are changing. We’re creating tomorrow today and we’re looking for financial advisors who share our vision for their personal growth and the financial growth of their clients.


America’s Retirement Store is becoming Presidential Wealth Management. This is an exciting evolution for us and for the thousands of individuals and families who look to us for commonsense, real-world financial guidance.


William Shakespeare once told us that a rose by any other name smells as sweet. That may be true for roses, but for a business the name is the initial and defining element. America’s Retirement Store has been wonderful—uniquely focused on helping Main Street America gain access to the financial tools and services previously only available to the elite. That has not changed and never will. The love for what we do is unchanging.


Our legacy is strong. Presidential Brokerage—a company with a quarter-century record of service and commitment to the individual investor—founded our America’s Retirement Store concept a decade ago. But as needs and demands change, so must answers and solutions. Our abilities and expectations began to eclipse our self-imposed boundaries. While the need for financial planning and guidance continues to accelerate, much of America finds itself faced with big box institutions simply mirroring and jousting with one another for dominance. We believe there are higher goals and better ways.


Today we are making a move to broaden our individualized services, products, and relationships.  It is purely designed to further our ongoing dedication to be the best-of-the-best for our clients and our people.


It is not a new beginning. It is a step of natural growth and a willing and enthusiastic embracing of our future. Or, rather, our futures. Together.


As with most positive changes, it will take time. You will view the transformation over several months. Our beautiful offices remain warm and welcoming to all. But with the new energy, ideas, and people we’re confident you will feel the change and sense our new breadth, depth and strength.


America’s Retirement Store. Presidential Wealth Management. Committed to you, to America, and to a strong future. Creating your tomorrow today.