Your Discovery Session

A free, no obligation meeting with a caring and skilled financial advisor.

America’s Retirement Store reflects a shared passion specifically to address the changing realities of what retirement now means, along with more sophisticated ways to help Main Street America prepare for what may be the longest period of their lives.


A Discovery Session is the best method to determine if America’s Retirement Store is the right fit for your financial needs. The Discovery Session is a one-hour meeting to either handle a pressing need that is on your mind, or where one of our financial advisors will begin our planning process that looks at your life, resources, and other sources of income with a goal – to produce a picture of what you can expect your retirement to look like in the future.


Our financial advisors are skilled at helping you sort out the details with confidence. We can help you make better informed decisions about your benefits, retirement accounts, and the application of your assets using our financial planning process.


Let’s approach the session as an opportunity to get to know each other and see whether we share the goals, values, and approach to retirement planning that could lead to a lasting relationship.