The Dynamic 401(k)℠

Helping you manage a very valuable asset.

Your 401(k) is important to you!


When the lead story on the evening news is about wild swings in the stock market, it is probably not a good thing for your retirement investments


Think back over the past several months – or even years – and ask yourself if you’ve gotten a call (or email in today’s world) from your financial advisor saying “It looks like time to increase your bonds and cash positions in your 401(k) and reduce your exposure to stocks?” Our program can do that. And we conduct a new analysis each month and let you know what may be changing.


After all, your 401(k) is likely your second biggest asset – second only to your home’s value. Your retirement savings need to be cared for and attended to regularly. That’s where our proprietary Dynamic 401(k)℠ comes in.


While no program can anticipate the future of the market – or guarantee against losses – our program each month measures the dynamics of the market and makes an allocation recommendation. Sometimes it does not change at all. Other times its changes can be substantial.


Would you like to know if it looks like you should hold more bonds than stocks? When to move partially to cash? How to divide between large caps, mid-caps, small-caps, and international holdings?


When the market is strong, stocks are where the action is. When markets are bad, stocks are where the action is … but on the downside. We have two programs: one is absolutely free and the other is a customized program available on a subscription basis.




This program does not guarantee against loss. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Utilization of this program is up to the individual investor, and he or she must determine whether it is suitable for their particular risk tolerance. America’s Retirement Store® and its parent firm, Presidential Brokerage, Inc., are not liable for performance of the program. It is based on market dynamics which are subject to sudden and unpredictable swings.

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