There are many pieces that go into an individual retirement plan. How and when will you file for Social Security? What choices will you make with Medicare? What about IRAs, 401(k)s and company and public pensions? What about preparing for the expense of long-term care healthcare if it becomes needed? Will your income stream match your longevity? How about your estate and loved ones?

Everyone’s retirement situation is different. But knowing the fundamentals and having a grasp on the various pieces of what you need to for your needs is the first step in making that happen.

Important questions to answer when making Social Security a part of your retirement plan:


bullet point starStrategies Social Security may not tell you about

bullet point starThe power of “file & suspend”

bullet point starTax implications and how that may impact investments

bullet point starDivorced and surviving spouse benefits

bullet point star…and hundreds more tips


What you will learn at the Puzzled by Retirement workshop:


bullet point starIncome sources…where will your money come from?

bullet point starManaging withdrawals…will your money last?

bullet point starConcerned about market risk?

bullet point starTaxes and inflation

bullet point starRising healthcare costs

bullet point starWhat if you live a long life?

bullet point star5 most important estate planning documents

bullet point star….and more!


Seminar location:


Golden Community Center
1470 10th Street
Golden, CO 80401