Our firm’s story began over twenty four years ago.

History of America’s Retirement Store


We’re rapidly approaching our first quarter-of a-century as a firm. But even more important than the number of years are the real-world experiences and values that bring our team together.


America’s Retirement Store was originally founded as Presidential Brokerage in 1991 by our president, Dan Lempe. Over the ensuing years he has steered the company through many global storms and rough economic times – bear markets, tech bubbles, banking implosions and global debacles. We are now stronger and better positioned than ever before.


In hindsight the transition to America’s Retirement Store from Presidential Brokerage seems obvious and inevitable. At the time, it was hardly so. The term “brokerage” no longer conveyed who we were or what the needs were of the American public. More importantly, the Great Recession fundamentally changed the financial position and outlook for millions of America’s families, and it was the realization that mainstream America was simply being overlooked by the major brokerage firms and banks.


What our team’s leadership saw as it looked at the financial landscape was the opportunity to help thousands of families with the respect, strategies, and commitment which mainstream America had never had access to before.


Our goal became – and ardently remains – to become a trusted, responsible, respectful source for financial guidance.


America’s Retirement Store – the story behind the name


We believe you’ve got to walk your talk. If your purpose is to work with Main Street America, you must be there with them: accessible and non-pretentious. If you are going to work with business owners – small and large – and help college professors, CPAs, attorneys, and contractors, you must be there with them in the community. You must be no-nonsense and you must always be a good neighbor.


Our Mission


It’s simple, straightforward and focused on you. The mission – the passion – of America’s Retirement Store is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families by providing insightful, caring and personalized financial guidance.


Our purpose in life is Helping You Retire … Better!