Mutual Funds Exposed Workshop August 30th and September 1st

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Mutual funds have been around for generations — and have played an important role in helping Americans build financial strength. However, over the years many have become ponderously large, harbor exorbitant expenses (a variety of which are hidden from public view), and almost universally provide no protection during market declines. Perhaps they were great for the 1980s, but … today it’s different.


You will learn that mutual funds have:


  • Little meaningful diversification
  • Heavy hidden fees
  • No protection in falling markets
  • Tax inefficiencies
  • Lack of transparency- you never really know what you own
  • Today, for many investment scenarios, there are better, more up-to-date alternatives.


Join us for healthy sandwiches and refreshments along with an illuminating discussion about an exciting investment alternative designed for the 21st century.


As our gifts to you, you will receive a complimentary e-book of Dr. Kenneth A. Kim’s Mutual Funds Exposed (a brand new 2nd edition) and an extensive, informative free mutual fund stress test to see how your funds compare.


Mutual funds have their place — particularly in 401(k)s and certain other retirement arrangements. But you need to know what they are really costing you and why they almost never seem to keep up with the market.


Mutual Funds Exposed

Greenwood Village, Loveland & Colorado Springs

Tuesday, August 30th and Thursday, Spetember 1st @ 6:30 pm


click here to register or call Natalie at 303-694-1600