We have all heard that failing to plan is planning to fail. Procrastination is a choice. You have the opportunity today to make a difference in how your family is affected by your potential incapacity and passing.

Important questions to answer when making Social Security a part of your retirement plan:


bullet point starStrategies Social Security may not tell you about

bullet point starThe power of “file & suspend”

bullet point starTax implications and how that may impact investments

bullet point starDivorced and surviving spouse benefits

bullet point star…and hundreds more tips


Worries for those nearing retirement:


bullet point starHealth issues and medical costs in retirement

bullet point starLong term care needs

bullet point starBecoming a burden to your family

bullet point starHealthcare costs consuming your legacy

bullet point starThe ins-and-outs of Medicare



Seminar location:


Wheat Ridge Recreational Center
4005 Kipling Street
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