Dynamic 401(k)

A proactive approach to your 401(k) management.

Your 401(k) may be your second largest asset and perhaps the most vulnerable


Passivity has never been an American characteristic. Yet millions of Americans are almost totally passive when it comes to the most important thing in their lives—excepting, of course, their families—and that’s their retirement money.


Modern Portfolio Theory: The staple of cookie-cutter, pie-chart financial advisers might not work so well when change occurs. Risk can be a measure of standard deviation and variance, or it can be the likelihood of running out of money before you die! One person’s theory can be another person’s tragedy.


What most people want, we believe, is not what they have been sold: buy-and-hold, buy-and-ignore, one-size-fits-all (with the illusion of “customization”), past performance is a guarantee of future performance (it isn’t, of course), and that asset classes over the “long term” are predictable.

What most people want, we believe, is a logical, organized, simple and straightforward approach to managing retirement funds that includes a risk management strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated – or have the guise of being complicated. Americans hate to be talked down to.


Discover the Dynamic 401(k)


Here’s how the Dynamic 401(k) works: There are two components to helping allocate your investments. The first is what we call a Macro Allocation which is an objective analysis of general market conditions, and the second is a Customized Allocation constructed of investments specific to your individual 401(k) program. Keep in mind that all of this is reviewed – and recommended for readjustment if indicated – each month to help keep your money working given your specific 401(k) investment alternatives and current market dynamics.*


Even for the affluent, it’s not dying that is feared most. It’s running out of money before running out of time. Often this fear is groundless – with a little care and planning they will have plenty of money to last a lifetime and even have a substantial amount left over. And sometimes the people we see who have the least to worry about don’t know they will be OK. On the other hand, people who have justifiable concerns, when they see a new approach to investing and savings, it can help get them back on the right track – and make significant differences in their lifelong security and confidence.


Revisit your investment goals with your America’s Retirement Store Financial Advisor, and discuss any anticipated life changing events that may impact your planning.


*Investment involves risk – including potential loss of principal. The Dynamic 401(k) program is an asset management tool – and cannot be guaranteed against loss or future performance.