Your Discovery Session

A complimentary, no obligation meeting with one of our financial advisors.

Discover the value and ease of having your own Discovery Session


We invite you in for a simple, supportive no-cost or obligation conversation about your financial future – and perhaps the future of your children and their children’s children. Tell us you are ready for a Discovery Session. This is the day to take that first step.

A simple one hour meeting will allow us to see if we can be helpful as you enter into one of the most important periods of your life. The conversation will focus on you and what you feel is important. We can also address any and all of the following:


  1. Helping maximize Social Security benefits and other sources of retirement income.
  2. Review your beneficiary designations – to help you make sure your money goes where you intend it to.
  3. Help decide whether a Roth conversion may be an option for your IRA.
  4. Review your retirement accounts, pensions, and insurance contracts to see how they all work together.
  5. Revisit your investment goals and discuss any anticipated life changing events that may impact your planning.



Using our specialized graphic software we can see when it is likely you could run out of money. RED shows your funds are depleted. Sometimes making a few changes in your investment mix, using Social Security to your best advantage, and approaching your financial future with a PLAN can make all the difference.


America's retirement Store Financial Advisors use state-of-the-art retirement planning software